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IV sedation involves the injection of a sedative drug into the blood system. It helps to relax very nervous patients to allow dental treatment to be carried out.


What Effect Does IV Sedation have?

The sedative used produces a very strong sensation of deep relaxation and well-being. Most patients experience full or partial memory loss of the dental treatment. Even the most highly anxious patients can be treated successfully with Intravenous sedation..

IV sedationHow is Intravenous Sedation given?

The drug is given by a small injection to the back of the hand or arm, and this is usually quite painless.

Who is Intravenous sedation suitable for?

Intravenous sedation is suitable for very nervous patients, especially those who have extensive treatment to be carried out.


IV Sedation is not suitable for:

  • People with unstable heart conditions
  • Pregnant Women
  • Children under 18yrs
  • Very overweight people

Is it safe?

Yes, IV sedation is a much safer alternative to a General Anaesthetic. General Anaesthetics are no longer offered for routine dental treatment.


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